Isodeck-A is manufactured using Aluflex as the inner core, wrapped in a 25mm fibre glass insulation blanket with the outer skin / vapour barrier in a durable AL-PET spirally wound sleeve. This flexible is very durable and ideal for making final connections to diffusers and other outlets or inlets of air conditioning systems. Due to the fact that the AL-PET material is used in both the core and the outer sleeve the flexible is fire rated and has been tested and certified to be SANS 10177-3: 2005 Class 3 fire rated.

Technical Data

Diameter Range 62 mm to 508 mm
Temperature Range – 30 C to + 140 C
Air Velocity Max 30m/sec
Working Pressure Max 300 mm WG Min (D/30 – 25) x 9,81 Pa
Fibreglass Thickness 25 mm
Fibreglass Density 16 kg/m3
Standard Length 10 metres packed into an individual carton
Fire Rating  SANS 10177-3.2005 Class 3 Fire Rating