sonodec hvac


Standard micro-perforated ALUFLEX  innercore, separating the fibreglass insulation from the airstream.  Sonoflex is the perfect combination of very high sound absorption and excellent thermal insulation. The outerjacket/vapour barrier is made of a polythene sheath.

Technical Data

Diameter Range 102 mm to 508 mm
Temperature Range – 30 C to + 140 C
Air Velocity Max 30m/sec
Working Pressure Max 50 mm VVG Min (D/30 – 25) X 9,81 Pa
Fibreglass Thickness 25 mm
Fibreglass Density 16 kg/m3
Standard Length 10 metres packed into an individual carton
Fire Rating  SANS 10177-3.2005 Class 3 Fire Rating
 Black Plastic Outer Sleeve: No Fire Rating

VMPET Physical Properties

Film Thickness 0.0007mm – 0.125mm
Width 5mm-1600mm
ID 76±0.5mm or 105±0.5mm
OD 250mm-650mm
Color Silver
Class Normal/Flame Retardant
Thickness 20 microns / 25 microns