The linear slot diffuser is designed to allow for a high rate of air change with flexibility in a distribution and volume control.  they are designed for either sidewall or ceiling applications with or without ceiling effect, the directional vanes catering for both horizontal and/or vertical air discharge.  Their slim streamlined appearance allows them to fit in seamlessly to the building’s design making them an unobtrusive while providing excellent function and efficiency.  Their adjustability allows for multitude of applications including large open areas supply or extract.

Technical Data

Material: Extruded aluminum.

Finishes: Natural anodized finish standard, but other colours are also available.

Blades: All blades are standard black anodized.

Continuous linear runs are made up of multiple segments with a maximum segment length of 2400mm. The two end segments are supplied with end caps pre-fitted and all joints are supplied with slide-in alignment strips for seamless joints. Corner pieces are similarly supplied with a alignment straps with the end segments capped where applicable. where the linear grills are being used to extract purposes. They can be ordered either with or without the deflection blades.