Self-Adhesive nails are used for mechanical fixing of insulation materials on smooth surfaces of ventilation ducts. To be used within temperature range from -40°C to +80°C (for short time up to 100°C)

Pins with Washers: 32mm & 63mm

Bonded Pins with Washers: 18mm & 37mm

Technical Data

SAH self-Adhesive nail

  • Steel pins, diameter 2.7 mm
  • Self-Adhesive, galvanised steel base(50/50 mm)
  • Solid, synthetic resin rubber glue made of compact cells filled with polyurethane foam
  • Length 19 – 165 mm
  • Nail surface is knurled which prevents the blade from sliding
  • EC pressing blades
  • Galvanised steel elastic blades
  • External diameter 30 or 40 mm. Protective EP nylon hood
  • Plastic hood protecting the nail tip

How to use

Fix the nails when the air temperature is minimum 10°C. It is recommended to use 10 to 12 self-adhesive nails per square meter.


  • Clean, dry and degrease the surface where the nails are to be fixed
  • Remove the paper and stick the nails
  • Cover the EC pressing blades and, if necessary, protect the nail tip with EP nylon hood.