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Welcome to HVAC Distributors, one of South Africa’s leading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning component, product and HVAC systems suppliers.

Based in Johannesburg and with a global footprint into 10 other countries, HVAC Distributors is the preferred choice for air conditioning contractors. Our organisation is driven to maintain the highest service and quality standards, with many of our products being SABS approved.

Our locally-manufactured products include flexible ducting, diffusers, grills, duct lock range, volume control dampers, accessories like washers, access panels, and nuts and bolts, insulation, and a variety of tapes and adhesives.

flexible ducting pipe part hvac

Flexible Ducting



duct lock range parts

Duct Lock Range

duct hvac

Volume Control Dampers

duct accessories hvac


hvac sonic liner insulation


hvac duct sealer

Tapes & Adhesives

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