Energylight Bats

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Description A range of boards, felts, blankets and wire-backed mattress suitable for industrial thermal insulation applications up to 450°C. Technical Data Applications: Conservation and control of heat in boilers, tanks, [...]


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Description Closed cell elastomeric foam has been successfully used as pipe insulation since it was  patented in 1954. Available in a wide range of shapes and thicknesses, elastomeric foam can be easily [...]

Pipe Section

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Description PREFORMED SNAP-ON PIPE INSULATION Fibreglass Snap-On Pipe Insulation is a preformed, heavy density, resin-bonded fibreglass insulation moulded in one piece sections of 1m in length. A single longitudinal seam allows the [...]

Sonic Liner

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Description Sonic Liner is a flexible glass wool insulation blanket faced with an acoustically absorptive black woven glass cloth on the air stream surface. A 35 mm overlap of the facing material is provided [...]

Duct Wrap

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Decription DUCT WRAP THERMAL INSULATION BLANKET DUCT WRAP is specifically designed as a thermal insulation blanket manufactured from highly resistant, organic glass fibre bonded with a resin. It is faced with an [...]

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