Duct Flange Assembly and Installation Illustration

The assembly of The Total Duct Flange System is a streamlined and user-friendly process.

Its modular components, including precision-engineered flanges and connectors, fit seamlessly together, eliminating the need for complicated tools or extensive training. 

DUCTLOK FLANGE: A roll formed galvanized steel angle incorporating a permanent non hardening sealant, which guarantees a dependable air tight connection – eliminates the need for post installation sealing of the duct.

GASKET TAPE: A Butyl rubber sealant strip for insertion between Ductlok flanges. Easily installed. The tape is water, heat and UV resistant.

CORNER PIECE: The Ductlok corner piece is ribbed and edged flanged for extra rigidity and features an embossed dimple ensuring an extra tight corner joint. The bolt hole is suitable for carriage type or normal bolt corners, available in 2 sizes; Junior and Senior.

Also available in Junior & Senior flat corners

nuts and bolts hvac

HANGER BOLT: The Ductlok Hanger Bolt is a new concept in reducing your duct hanging costs. When fitted to the Ductlok corner piece in place of a normal or carriage bolt, a length of threaded duct hanging rod can be fitted through the hanger bolt, thus permitting the duct hanger to be fixed to the corner piece.

JOINING CLAMP: Ductlok Bolt-on flange clamp for clamping of duct flange joints.